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Welcome to Jessikah Huard Counselling

Do you ever feel worn out, isolated or overwhelmed with the challenges life is presenting? Afraid to speak up with risk of not being heard? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, anxiety and depression just continue to bombard you? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one, or a relationship? 


Here at Jessikah Huard Counselling, I will aim to hear you.

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I specialise in:

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  • Psychoeducation for Anxiety 

  • Gain tools & resources to equip you with Anxiety management 

  • Emotional regulation support 

  • Support in management of Anxiety triggers 

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  • Reshape your core beliefs 

  • Gain tools & resources to encourage positive self-esteem 

  • Body image support 

  • Enhance your confidence through a strength-based approach 

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  • Tame your inner-critic 

  • Learn self-compassion 

  • Set more reasonable & realistic goals 

  • Become aware of your tendencies

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Boundaries & Assertiveness training

  • Psychoeducation for boundaries & assertiveness 

  • Understand your values 

  • Be equipped with tools on how to set boundaries 

  • Learn healthy assertive communication 

  • Improve your relationships with others & yourself 


"Jessikah has helped me through feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, to forming clear goals and achieving it. Now I don't feel overwhelmed and have found Jessikah the most valuable support. Jessikah has provided me with safety, positivity, validation and grounding so that I can tackle my journey head on. I cannot recommend Jessikah highly enough!"

(Female, 26) 


"Some things I learnt from Jessikah's services include: how to set boundaries in my relationships, what healthy relationships look like, how to gently work through negative emotions and feelings, and how to heal holistically from traumatic events. Jessikah's warmth and genuineness are by far her greatest strengths, and I find myself highly recommending Jessikah's services to family and friends."


(female, 23)


"As soon as I started counselling with Jess, things began to shift in my mental health. I felt extremely safe talking to Jess about my feelings and thoughts and she provided me with guidance and resources along the way that really helped. If you're looking for a counsellor that genuinely cares, I'd recommend Jess!"

(female, 23)


“I can’t believe what a perfect fit Jessikah is for me as a counsellor. I’ve never had counselling before and feel like I’ve struck gold with finding her as my first one. 

She is positive, relatable, lets me talk as much as I need to but also provides practical advice and ways to move forward. She genuinely cares and is a little ray of sunshine. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”


"I reached out to Jessikah after years of suffering severe depression, anxiety and grief. Initially I was concerned about our age gap, however, that has never been an issue and I have always found talking to Jess so enlightening and refreshing. With Jess's help I am learning new skills/tools to help my mental health, my confidence has greatly improved and I am beginning to feel in control of my life again. This has also aided my physical wellbeing. I always look forward to our sessions and feel so positive afterwards. I can't thank Jess enough for her continued help through what has been a dark period for me."

(female, 50)

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