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Do you offer couples/marriage counselling? 

At this point in time Jessikah Huard Counselling only specialises in individual therapy.  

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Do you accept mental health care plans?

Unfortunately as a Counsellor I am unable to accept Mental Health Care Plans as they are only eligible for appointments with a registered and clinical psychologist. However, my fee is quite similar to the gap you normally would pay with a mental health care plan.

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Do you provide health fund rebates? 

At this point in time Jessikah Huard Counselling does not accept private health fund rebates. 

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What are your opening hours? 

Jessikah Huard Counselling is open from Monday - Wednesday, 7:30am - 4pm. 

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Do I need a GP referral?

To book an appointment with me a GP referral is not required. You can book an appointment at any time. 

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