Why should I go to therapy?

Updated: Nov 23

Whether you are going through a crisis, life transition, or just needing a listening ear, therapy can be a valuable resource for you.

We often perceive therapy to be something we only go to when things get really bad. However, that doesn't have to be the case. Whatever life situation you are in, therapy can be be beneficial for your wellbeing.

Now, let's look at the benefits of therapy:

1. Therapy can help you learn life-long coping skills: The effects of therapy are long-lasting. Not only are your unpacking present concerns, you're also developing tools to help you deal with future issues. Trauma is known to trigger physical symptoms - and depression and anxiety are well known to have significant, and sometimes debilitating, physical effects. The coping skills learnt in therapy can allow us to continuously manage these physical symptoms.

2. Repressed emotions don't go away, but therapy helps you process them: It's a natural response to want to avoid feeling discomfort. Learning to embrace those negative feelings can actually improve emotional wellbeing. If you have trouble expressing or regulating your emotions, talking to a therapist is a good first step. A therapist can help you explore potential causes of repressed emotions and offer guidance and support as you begin to address these reasons. Therapy provides a safe space to work on naming and understanding your feelings, increase your comfort level around talking about emotions, and learn more tools for emotional regulation.

3. Therapy offers a new perspective: Therapy not only helps you understand yourself better, it helps you to understand other people, too. When we hold negative thoughts in without actively processing them, they become ingrained so that we see the world through that lens - and we make lots of assumptions that may or may not be true. Without your own assumptions creating a filter, it's a lot easier to understand others' intentions and motivations.

4. Therapy helps you break the cycle: Learning healthier coping mechanisms now will benefit any future kids you may have! You teach what you model.

There are many positive reasons to give therapy a go!

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