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  • Psychoeducation for Anxiety 

  • Gain tools & resources to equip you with Anxiety management 

  • Emotional regulation support 

  • Support in management of Anxiety triggers

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  • Reshape your core beliefs 

  • Gain tools & resources to encourage positive self-esteem 

  • Body image support 

  • Enhance your confidence through a strength-based approach 

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  • Tame your inner-critic 

  • Learn self-compassion 

  • Set more reasonable & realistic goals 

  • Become aware of your tendencies 

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  • Psychoeducation for boundaries & assertiveness 

  • Understand your values 

  • Be equipped with tools on how to set boundaries 

  • Learn healthy assertive communication 

  • Improve your relationships with others & yourself 

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Boundaries + Assertiveness Training

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