"Jessikah has helped me through feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, to forming clear goals and achieving it. Now I don't feel overwhelmed and have found Jessikah the most valuable support during my journey.

Jessikah has provided me with safety, positivity, validation, and grounding that I so desperately needed to tackle my journey head on. I cannot recommend Jessikah highly enough."

"Some things I have learnt from Jessikah's services include: how to set boundaries in my relationships, what healthy relationships look like, how to gently work through negative emotions or feelings, and how to heal holistically from traumatic events.

Jessikah's warmth and genuineness are by far her greatest strengths, and I find myself highly recommending Jessikah's services to family and friends."

"As soon as I started Counselling with Jessikah, things began to shift in my mental health.

I felt extremely safe talking to Jess about my feelings and thoughts and she provided me with guidance and resources along the way that really helped.

If you're looking for a counsellor that genuinely cares, I'd recommend Jess!"